Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mahathir-Najib Conspiracy


The exact dates Anwar received the support and assurance from the BN MPs cannot be ascertained by us. While, all these MPs have indicated support for Anwar, pending his return to Parliament, we can only approximate the beginning dates where initial negotiations were taking place, between end March 2008 and mid April 2008. This was the period immediately after the general election.

The master network of Mahathir is large! It spreads across the country. Their network has detected this movement from Anwar!

The criminals at work!

A clear picture of the crimes of these two evils are described here in the chronology of dates beginning 11th. May 2008.

11th. May 2008 – Najib met Mahathir (It is here the drama began, started by Mahathir in calling Najib a coward in April. The big evil engineered the small evil Najib to its front door. Needless to say the true drama that is going to be unfolded for the next few months began here, only to be polished later!)

The period between 12th May and 28th. June 2008, where all the make-up men, artists and props were designed to perfection to stage this truly Malaysian Mahathir-Najib drama! The drama needed to be staged fast to deprive Anwar from entering Parliament. On 19th. May, as per their master plan Mahathir left UMNO, together with Sanusi, etc. This created much interest amongst Malaysians and the international community, distracting every one from the actual complex drama that is being staged by Najib.

29th. June 2008 – Police report was filed by Saiful. Anwar took shelter at the Turkish Embassy. The international community condemned the police report. Their first drama nearly backfired. While the proof of innocence falls on Anwar’s shoulder, the enemy is not waiting to waste time on this anymore, because the rest will be taken care of by their junior conspirators, to ensure that Anwar will be forever distracted and remain engaged in the framed-up sodomy.

16th. July 2008 – The enemies arrested Anwar and locked him up overnight. This was the day Anwar supposed to announce the resignation of his wife from the parliamentary seat. It was shelved. The world condemned and too many voices called for the release of Anwar. They had no choice. Anwar was released the next day. The criminal’s first plan backfired completely. Please note that the criminals were aware of Anwar’s every move, while Anwar was totally ignorant of plots against him. This is how all action-packed dramas are staged. We the people, the innocent fools watch silently not knowing whether there was a drama in the first place. We are always distracted by these criminals, who are so used to get what they want from us. They always show us their good side. This is what we call a plot within another plot! They will be at their best, when they engineer the worst!

31st July 2008 - Wan Azizah informed the press that she is resigning as a member of parliament.

6th August 2008 –The date of nomination and election was announced by the Election Commission. The enemies also announced that Anwar must appear at the police station, on 7th August, to formally charge him on the sodomy case. The criminals were planning again one more time before Anwar file in his nominations. This time to bury his political career once and for all. And lock him up for good after the formal charge.

“This is the actual time the criminals were furious with Raja Petra. Raja Petra became their deadliest enemy for releasing Dr Osman’s SD on the same day at the point of arrest. Their plot again failed. Failed miserably. Anwar was saved by Raja Petra on this very crucial date. As expected on 7th August, Anwar was formally charged, but not detained in the lock-up.”

10th August to 25th August 2008 - The criminals were trying very hard to destroy Anwar’s political career between these dates. Anwar was alerted and our postings were featured in Malaysia Today warning Anwar of the plot to disqualify him on technical errors on his nomination papers. Anwar engaged another proxy should he be disqualified. Attempts were made on that day to disqualify Anwar, but the criminals got frighten after seeing

Anwar’s huge crowd. The BN government brought its entire government machineries to canvass at Permatang Pauh. A foreign journalist told us; practically the capital of Malaysia was shifted to Permatang Pauh during these dates. Leaving the Parliament as a white elephant without MPs to transact its normal business. It was unprecedented in Malaysian election history. Mahathir’s silence during this canvassing period was telling. For he and he alone knew, no way Anwar can be defeated in his home turf. Those who try are fools indeed! Najib headed this election campaign. The only catch phrase the entire leadership of UMNO was coached to speak about was sodomy, not their election agenda. Umno leaders and members were fools not knowing what game was being played by these two evils, except Tengku Razaleigh and Abdullah Badawi, for they knew too well what happens when these two evils get together.

Swearing and more swearing. While the testimony of Romlan did help, the entry of Tok Guru Nik Aziz during the last days of canvassing despite his illness changed the entire scenario. We believe this is the point of time Tok Guru knew what was really happening and what the evils were up to. Anwar won by a huge majority. Huge cracks appeared in the criminals’ next course of actions. But they were not defeated by their cruel fantasies!

The evils plot on the night of defeat!

On this night of defeat, the criminals plotted to ban access to Malaysia Today and other “offensive” websites. They have to put a permanent stop to the ever increasing “danger” of Raja Petra and gangs. They started with Malaysia Today. The cries of the people went louder! Friends, please note that no one has accepted claim to this evil action so far! Each is trying to protect another, for they too are fools manufactured under Mahathir’s factory! The proprietor of this factory may have changed, but the products manufactured remain the same!

The most sickening move of all is to plot to revise the budget of this country. To revise budget 2009 to appease Sabah and Sarawak. What sort of evils are these, running this country at the whims and fancies of their crooked minds! Don’t they have a limit to their nonsense! Or they need to transgress all boundaries of morality to achieve their twisted aims! These are true evils at work!

28th. August 2008 – Anwar was sworn in as a member of parliament. Najib and Abdullah were absent. Perhaps this was the first day Mahathir looked really an outcast, with Anwar inside the parliament. Najib turned up only the next day, being the Budget day. That was the first time in the history of Malaysia; the budget was revised during the last moment to fit in the development programme for Sabah and Sarawak. This we knew was the work of Najib misleading Abdullah, the day before when both were absent in the parliament house. Najib was being educated well. Mahathir knew from the beginning that Anwar had the numbers. All these MPs would defect only if Anwar becomes an MP. Mahathir and Najib were plotting this game well. But Anwar is not stupid this time. He already prepared a much better reform programme which is more workable to the current and future well-beings of Malaysia. Anwar criticized Abdullah’s budget for lacking competitiveness, which our economists agree.

5th September 2008 – Dr Osman appeared in front of the media for the first time. This has shaken Najib, a little. The criminals need to plan for their next course of action, but have to cover their tracts too. This is the delay they cannot afford. He knew now there is no way to implicate Anwar, bearing in mind that Anwar was also privy to KL General Hospital (2nd report), which Anwar declared during election campaigning.( Incidentally, the second report has also nullified Anwar from any wrong-doing.)

Najib’s anger naturally would turn to Raja Petra as the main culprit who seems to be a constant stumbling block to all his grand plans. It was Malaysia Today which released the SD first. Najib knew unlike the private investigator’s SD, he cannot fix up the SD of Dr. Osman this time around, because he already appeared in public to attest to the SD he made!

5th September to 10th September 2008 – This is the most crucial dates in their next grand plan. Their constant companion and an excellent scapegoat. Muhyiddin met up (the evil word is summoned) with Mahathir. Their grand plan is to get rid of Abdullah. And they also need to fix up Anwar, by transferring Anwar’s case to the High court. They need to kill several birds but with many stones, unfortunately they aren’t many left. Transferring the case to high court would be an easy plan, as Abdul Gani Patail is their own guardian at law. This is also the dates where Muhyiddin was instructed to inform Najib to proceed with their last game plan, to convince Abdullah to implement the Operasi Lallang in disguise (Mahathir’s specialty, in times of duress.) Main target Anwar and Raja Petra. Strongest weapon, Islam and condemnation of leaders for Raja Petra. Threat of national security and financial security for Anwar. This factory does not seem to run out of product lines! But for how long!

The scheming Najib, with suggestions from the evil, Mahathir, also need to ensure that if everything else fails, his only recourse is time, which is falling short. His back-benchers club must be sent out to an unknown nation to study new techniques of producing newer products, which they need badly, as the product lines needed to be improved constantly with changing taste and time.

10th September 2008 – Anwar’s legal team was taken by surprise, not knowing that the prosecutors planned to transfer the case to high court. The case was fixed for 24th September. Hearing completed. Judgment from Justice Komathy on 7th October 2008., in favour of Anwar. The case will remain in the lower court.

But on this same date 10th September. Muhyiddin made an announcement that Mahathir is interested in joining Umno, and the evil Mahathir made the same announcement. They always make “good” announcements in Malaysia to distract Malaysians from their crooked plots! This is a part of their grand strategy, protecting Najib, as otherwise Abdullah would not be happy. The crooked Najib must always be seen as neutral in these criminals’ grand plan. Abdullah is a sacrificial cow in Najib’s hand, when comes to implementations of tougher actions. He is a scapegoat used by Khairy for monetary issues of the government. A sleepy head Prime minister. Always dream big but poor in implementing all that he wants. A crook with his own boundary! A flip-flop man with a flip-flop team! All he needs, comforts and luxuries with no work done.

11th September 2008 – This is the most important date of the evil calendar. How many of the evils have met up, we don’t know. Probably 5 to 7. We can tell you there are police, law and order, and BN leaders. We are not naming them, we are not certain completely.

Agenda of meeting:

1) To create confusion, instigating racist sentiments amongst people so that Anwar’s agenda of taking over the government will not materialize. Any pea-sized brain will tell you; this is the specialization area of Khir Toyo! What a gift in waiting with Kelana Jaya gathering around the corner! Did he attend the meeting?

2) To arrest Raja Petra and detain him for good under ISA. Any pea-sized brain will tell you; this is a moment of opportune for Syed Hamid who is yet to reply to Raja Petra’s letter seeking indemnities. (Raja Petra’s letter was sent on 9th Sept, with ultimatum for action by 12th Sept). Did he attend the meeting?

3) To detain Teresa Kok, Sin Chew reporter (last minute added in, because Ahmad Ismail camp was not happy that he alone was punished) under ISA. This is their style. The government of the day can be run even by racist crooks, if their power base seems threatened in any way! These arrests are needed to create confusions and anger so that the public can take to the streets. Easing the way for interested parties to clamp down the country with an emergency rule! Any pea-sized brain will tell you, if all the arms of government are working together, they must have the yes man, Ismail Omar, to tag along. Did he attend the meeting!

4) To arrest Anwar Ibrahim under ISA. The original date of his arrest planned immediately after Raja Petra’s arrest and before the Kelana Jaya gathering. If this does not work, then Khir Toyo specialist in monkey tricks can carry on with his act in the KL streets and if he fails there is a big circus waiting for him at Kelana Jaya! But to arrest Anwar, they have to face the condemnation of international communities. Were they prepared for it? Arrest they must! Any pea-sized brain can tell you that to arrest Anwar Ibrahim; you need the go-ahead from the two top men! Did Abdullah and Najib attend the meeting?

Raja Petra was arrested as planned on the 12th September, together with the other two. Huge outcries from the people and opposition leaders followed. Sin Chew reporter was released the next day, after a flip-flop announcement by Syed Hamid! The followers of orders normally are not experts in covering their tracts! Anwar must be arrested at all cost. More cries from the people and opposition leaders followed, including from their own camp, probably these off mould products do not conform to their “stringent” standards! The criminals plan backfired. Khir Toyo’s plans too never succeeded! Huge outcries from the people but no one took the street! Khir began to know for the first time in his life, the other side of people’s power! The pale face of him shows! BN leadership headed by Najib deputized by Abdullah (this is how the world perceive), feared for the first time. Mahathir too, we were told, true to his crocodile fashion, sheepishly condemned the ISA. What a splendid act! The evil engineer who brutalized the nation for 22 years suddenly realized ISA is cruel! What he did no tell, he has seen and thought worst than that. His twisted-leftist-Mugabe brain constantly churning and scheming evils non-stop, suddenly ran short of “ideas”!

The arrest of Anwar was called off just for a while, while these two “geniuses” paused for a moment, with their MPs having learnt much in Taiwan, planning to study casinos in Macao!

The change of government that was announced by Anwar never took place on 16th. September 2008.

This is the pause the criminals needed for a moment to focus on the removal of Abdullah. This is the reason why the criminals have spared Anwar for a moment.

But Raja Petra must always remain under detention. If Raja Petra is released, then he will destroy all their evil plans. The criminals know this well.

17th September 2008 - Najib became the Finance Minister. Is Abdullah so kind to switch the portfolio or Najib was taking instruction to take over the finance ministry. Muhyiddin on the other hand, under instruction from evil Mahathir, to press Abdullah to bring forward Badawi’s stepping down date. Which Abdullah did, and announced he will step down in March. This announcement was made recently.

Are we fools to believe that Raja Petra’s case was adjourned for a long period of time until November 12, because the trial judge was too sick? Or Raja Petra must be kept away for a long period of time, for other “valid” reasons. But he must be kept away, like it or not! He is too dangerous when he is outside!

We will not comment on any event after 20th September, as a new set of events are unfolding. We are keeping track closely. Suffice to say at this time that Mukhriz will lose the election of Youth leader because Mahathir said so! If Mahathir says, then it is always true!

It is only Mahathir and Najib who know, the next game plan! Maybe there are others involved too in this scheme designed by the master conspirators.

From : The Might Of The Pen

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