Monday, December 8, 2008

The Umnoputras and how they "fight" for Islam

Friday, 5 December 2008

From : Scandalasia

For those who read Chinua Achebe's (left) works, mainly his books on post-African independence, you must have seen that two themes run through his books: the sheer hypocrisy of the African leadership and the question of neocolonialism. Immediately after majority of the African states gained independence, Achebe warned the African people that they faced a new colonialism: the deceit and manipulation of "home-grown" leadership.

He called on Africans not to buy the "patriotism" of the local leadership since they were not patriots by any measure. He repeatedly warned them that the new "patriots" will use whatever they could to sustain themselves in power by using catchy phrases like patriotism, nationalism, independence, cultural superiority, etc, [Ketuanan Melayu] while they rob them. A lot of these "patriotic" qualities can be seen in the kind of leadership he portrays in his book: The Trouble with Nigeria. When I read that book, I immediately recalled Najib Tun Razak's bizzare Glocal concept.

In 2004, Achebe, one of Africa's leading writers has rejected a National Honours Award from his government in Nigeria in protest at the state of his motherland. "Nigeria's condition today under your watch is ... too dangerous for silence. I must register my disappointment and protest by declining to accept the high honour awarded me in the 2004 Honours List", he wrote to immediate former Nigerian President Oluṣẹgun Obasanjo.

In his satirical novel, A Man of the People, 1966, Chinua Achebe exposes the sheer hypocrisy of the "patriotic, religious and nationalist" African leadership ala Umno. One area he covers is the conduct of the leadership's children. A man is his children they say. And in the African and Eastern (Islamic) tradition, a man is measured by his family. There were times when certain Muslim leaders were rejected because of their children. It was argued that one who couldn't "help" guide his children couldn't shoulder the (Muslim) community's burdens.

In one instance, Chinua talks of the main character of his novel, Chief Nanga, the powerful but corrupt Minister of Culture and his children. As you can see, Mr Nanga is supposed to protect the ideals and the culture of his people and nation but he is undoubtedly its Number One enemy. Chief Nanga always brags that's he is deeply religious and nationalist, yet he doesn't subscribe to any of his people's culture though he is the main guardian of that culture. Ironical indeed!

The Minister urges his people to be proud of their "supreme" culture and status. I guess Umno Ministers' Ketuanan Melayu must have crossed your mind by now. However, none of his children speak their local language. Although the Minister roots for local schools, he doesn't take his children to them. In Malaysia, it is well known that none of Umno Ministers' children attend local schools and if they do, they are the International Schools owned by the "evil" Westerners. Yes, "evil", but they like that "evil" though they tell their people that they are protecting their children from those "evil" people. I love this!

Mr Nanga's children can't even eat the local food but their father urges the locals to eat Home Made products so that they improve the "local economy". There is an instance in which Mr Nanga's youngest child calls his grandmother unprintable names for being a local and backward. However, their father deceives his people by being populist and a purported nationalist and positions himself as the only guardian of his people's strategic interests. Yes, Umno Ministers tell the Malays to trust them alone as the rest are enemy sympathisers. Deceit and manipulation is the culture of scumbags.

Though Mr. Nanga reminds his people of his deep religiosity and commitments, his children's hang out is not the Churches but the popular entertainment spots in the trendy parts of the city. Their father is an adulterous person but always reminds his people of marriage fidelity. The evils and the shenanigans of Umno type Mr Nanga are unending and immeasurable.

There is one Umnoputra who is called Najib Tun Razak. He tells us to trust him since he alone can "protect" us. He lambastes others and talks of "culture", "Islam", "manners", "Religiosity" and of course co-existence and "integration". Well, we know what that integration means. May be it means grabbing every girl's breasts whenever we can get that. The trouble is that not all of us are filthy rich for the girls to "donate" their goods like they donate to one young Najib.

Our beloved patriotic leader Mr Najib doesn't allow any of his children in Ketuanan Melayu schools. That's why his son can't attend a local college.
But he talks like a typical Chief Nanga about education and our children.

Don't you like this "integration" between Najib's son and the "evil" Western girls? I guess we shouldn't mind the white "evil" girls from the "evil" West because Umno will "protect" us. Right? The young Najib who will "fight" for Islam and adat Melayu in the future. Never mind his "sleekness" here, it is a "tool" to "better" the Malays like his father is doing. I love that! Of course your father has to be an Umnoputra (Chief Nanga) for you to be surrounded by these concubines in the city's posh bars. A poor boy like me won't get one. I'm jealous!The boy changes girls like clothes. No wonder his father always tells us to change our styles whenever we complain of hunger and exorbitant prices. Umno's Utusan Munafiq says "evil Chinese" Teresa Kok offends the sensitivities of Muslims by wearing short skirts. Never mind Umno leaders' children wear 'nothing'. I like that "Islam" and struggle!.Isn't it very interesting that the young Najib who will become our "beloved" PM one day (God forbid) has a knack for things women despite his age?
For better understanding of Umno's Chief Nangas, view the Youtube video below

In case you can't view the video, paste this URL on a new page:

Then there is another Umno Minister who will win the Idiocy Award hands down. He always talks of Ketuanan Melayu, patriotism, struggle, adat Melayu, bla bla bla. But none of his outrageous utterances can be highlighted through his family and children. Another Chief Nanga like Najib and many other Umnoputras. Chinua Achebe says "and as long as men are swayed by their hearts and stomachs and not their heads the Chief Nangas of this world will continue to get away with anything." Now, as long as the Malays are swayed by their hearts and stomachs and not by their heads, the Umnoputras of this nation will continue to deceive them till the edifice comes crushing and by then, it will be too late.

Another "patriotic" and "Islamic" Umno minister's son: No comment! Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un.This Umno Minister's son is fighting for Ketuanan Melayu through ear piercing and beer. Never mind Umno says beer is haram even for non-Muslims.
I like this "integration". Boy, Umno is fighting for REAL Bangsa MalaysiaAmeen to Ketuanan Melayu. What a struggle for my people to save them from the "evil" and "Kafir" Chinese and Indians!I hate those people who say Umnoputra leaders and their children are racists. Do you see any racism here?

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